Vertigo almost made me hate living

I will share my own experience with vertigo. And to be honest, this morning when I woke up, I experience once again the awful feeling of vertigo.

My surroundings are spinning, feels like I am falling even if I am still in my bed, and having the urge to vomit even if I am not.


I will share my vertigo experience with you and how I overcome it. Well, of course, with the help of doctors and medications. But, mostly myself. My determination.

I got my vertigo when I was still active in running. I used to participate to different fun runs, five kilometer run, ten kilometer run, and even a volunteer run or walk for a cause.

But one day, after my ten kilometer run, I got dizzy, my visions started to dim out, I feel like I am about to vomit too. Then I asked myself, maybe I pushed myself too hard that it exceeded to my limits? I was confused because I am not aware that vertigo exists.

I let it pass by for a couple of weeks to see if there’s any changes and hoping that I will be fine. But, no luck at all, I still feel dizzy, even when I will just going to take a bath or do my own thing in the bathroom. I was afraid and my anxiety was kicking in because I do not know what’s happening anymore, and I do not want to cause a scene for blacking out.

Dizziness in vertigo is way different from the dizziness that we usually encounter. It is like you are really going to fall and feel nauseus. It is like you cannot breathe because you are also panicking at the same time and it is not just sudden. It stays for awhile.

Never ever say that people who have vertigo is just acting up and it is nothing serious. Because you won’t understand unless you experience it yourself.

It was a tough call.

It made me hate living.

I am not going out anymore. I do not mingle with my friends anymore. Even whenever my family invites me to go anywhere, I refuse. Why? Because I am afraid and my anxiety is getting the best of me.

But one day, I asked myself, will I let vertigo win? Will I let it hold me back from the things I should do and places I should go to? You might know the answer by now, and of course it was a NO.

I started to seek answers and help from doctors, I had four doctors who checked on me and know what is really the root of it.




Laboratory tests.


More checkups.

But I did not quit or get tired of helping myself to get better and be like me again.

Of course medications worked. For at least 6 months of my struggle. But as time goes by, my body got immuned with the medications that was given to me and it doesn’t help me anymore. Yet, they gave me another type of medicines.

Then, a new question pop right at me. Will this medicines can really help me? Or taking it everyday, constantly, without a skip, is good for my body? No.

So, I decided to try myself, to test myself, I started by avoiding the foods that might trigger my vertigo, I started walking again but in moderation, and I started to workout and train my balance on my own.

Because hey, going to the doctor and taking madications is no joke. With all the expenses that you have to shoulder and pay for.


Step by step. Little by little. Slowly but surely I will get there. I fight to get my life back again and started living.

Amd guess what? I am living again. I started to go to places I have never been before and meet new people.

I did not say that I beat vertigo, I did not say that I do not have vertigo anymore. I do. I still have. It is still with me up to now. I am still experiencing it. But you know what’s the difference from before to the present?

I am not letting it hold me back anymore. Mind over matter as they say.

Here’s a piece of advice from someone like me who have vertigo for more than four years now. Do not let it win, do not let it become a hindrance for your dreams, your goals, I know it is hard. Feeling dizzy and out of balance the whole time, or most of the time.

But you can do it too.

You can still go on with your life even if you have vertigo.

Remember, nothing can stop you but yourself. And do not let yourself stop you. We all have our own strength and purpose in this lifetime, maybe we got this illness because it is part of our life tests and let us claim that it is also because God knows that we can handle and fight it.

You are stronger than you think. Do not lose hope. Keep climbing! Keep soaring! Aim high!

Love for desserts

Who doesn’t?

I am really in love with desserts. I am born with sweet tooth, I guess. My love for desserts is extraordinary. I think because I understand what feeling it gives to people. I know exactly what its purpose in the life of the people.

It is the moment when you are craving for something sweet all of a sudden. Out of the blue. That you want to cheat on your diet because you are a sucker for everything and anything sweet. Then finally, it is in your hands. Feels like heaven on earth.

For me, desserts or anything sweet helped me a lot.

For example, during my college days, when I am cramming for an exam, quiz, or project any desserts but most specially chocolates helped me get through tough times.

You might ask me how.

Sweets helps me focus and keep my sugar up for me to be able to stay up all night. Now wait a minute, some of you might say too much desserts or sweets are bad and also staying up late.

I am just doing it whenever I needed to. Like if I have oral defense the next day, or I need to finish a paper, or I need to study for exam week. Well of course, at the present, whenever I needed to finish writing for work and for my personal blog. I am also aware that I should take care of my body and my health.

Because hey, like the famous line everuone is saying, health is wealth!

But don’t you want the feeling of satisfaction, contentment, pleasure, and the happiness it can make you feel. Well, I am happy whenever I eat desserts, I don’t know about you but I bet you do too!

It really puts me in a good mood

Believe it or not, but I am always jolly and in great mood after I eat desserts. And studies will also prove that it is true. Why? Because whenever we eat desserts, our brain releases endorphins which is the one who make us feel a lot better.

Wow! Don’t get too excited, because it is a fact. So, you don’t have to feel guilty whenever you eat take a bite of that yummy dessert. Well, maybe a little bit guilty, but hey it is all worth it!

So, take a bite of that dessert you are eyeing the whole time!

Don’t you want a good reward after you have done something good, or achieved your goals, even just finishing a paper or even when you are in a bad mood. We all deserve that.

It really helps me, until now for my work, my passion, and to achieve my goals. My love for dessert balances my life. I know my limits. I can control my consumptions.

Because remember, stressed is desserts spelled backwards. So, whenever you are stressed, grab and eat your desserts!

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I am finally out!

Don’t ever be aftaid to show off your true colors.

If the title catches your attention, it only means two things. First, you finally came out too. Second, you want to come out too. So, which of the two? You can leave your answer in the comment section or let’s be mutual on social media if you have questions.


What does the phrase means to you? Is it just going out of the house, going out of the situation, or is it much deeper than that? Because for me, it is one of the deeper meaning of finally out. It is more on the personal side.

This topic might be too sensitive for others, and or can triggered some judgemental people out there who cannot understand our side. Who thinks and looks at us like we are a disgrace of our family or the people.

I came from an old-school family, they do not believe and accept third gender. They think it is a shame for the family line (or so I thought that was their thinking) and that’s what holds me back to come out. I am not totally lesbian, I am bi, I am in between, attracted to men, attracted to women. But, I am more on the same sex relationship. Yey! Girl power!

That is what I am having difficulty with of explaining. But hey, this is who I am. This is me. I like both, but I like girls more! Cheers!


Isn’t it suffocation? Isn’t it draining? Isn’t it too hard to hide your own personality, your own self? I bet, it is. Because I’ve been there. I know the feeling, I understand you. It was not an acceptable state. Who wants to hide and pretend right? Nobody!

I feel like everyday I needed to put on a mask, and pretend like I am somebody. I needed to pretend that I do not like other third genders too, like I feel sorry for them. It was a hard battle, knowing that I am actually one of them.


Do not think, even for a second, that there is something wrong with you for liking the same sex as you. You are born like that, own it, claim it.

Before, I am afraid of coming out to my family, even to my friends. Why? Just like you, I am aftaid to be judge and I thought they wouldn’t understand. I am hiding. All my crushes and commitments. Everything.

But you know what is the number one reason why I am afraid of coming out? It is because I do not want to disappoint my family. I don’t want them to think that it is going to be a distraction for me, that I cannot go anywhere if I am a part of the LGBT community. I was afraid that they will not let me be who I really am and will not accept me.

You cannot blame me, especially when everyone around you have high expectation from you.


My family accepted me. They understand me. I know that it is also the kind of reaction and acceptance you wanted to have when you finally come out to your family. I advise that you take it slow, trust me, they already know before you have the guts of telling them. How can I say that? Because they are your family.

Your family will love you and accept you no matter who you are. No matter what your choices are, as long as it is good and legal I guess. Kidding aside, you shouldn’t be aftaid and hide your whole life.

A friendly reminder, do not rush, do not compare. Your time will come and eventually you will have the courgae to come out and tell the world.

Just be yourself. Love yourself. And accept yourself. Because you are the first person who will never judge yourself.

Find out who you are and be that person. Embrace it and live happily. It is time to live by the truth and breakdown all the walls that keeping you inside.

In this generation, it is a lot better, the number of people with an open mind, understanding heart, and accepting hand is much bigger than those who don’t understand. We cannot please everyone. We cannot tell them to just accept the fact and never judge. We cannot make them understand.

We never can.

All we have now is a hope and faith that in the next generation, everybody is equal. Rights and such. So keep thriving, keep climbing, keep flying! You are one in a million. You were born that way.

You will have your time.

My Rose

You came to me in the most unexpected way. You are from Norrh, and I am from South. We didn’t know each, we don’t even know that you and I exist. Some may say it is just a mere luck, but for us it is destiny.

Coming into my life

Messaging me for the first time was very unforgetable. You made me feel that I am loving and worthy of thy love. It might not be the most romantic way of knowing each other but for me it is one of the most important thing that happened in my life. I am glad that you found me. I am glad that you have the courage to message me that day.

“So, for all the people out there who still don’t have the courgae to confess to your crush or to the person you want. Life is to short, and it is better to take the risk than regret.”

Becoming my lifetime partner

By this time, we became as one. You and I. Me and you. Against all odds. Against the world. You showed me how wonderful life can be. You make me feel what love really is. My life became more exciting because of you. With you, I feel safe. With you, I feel home.

I have done so many things that I haven’t done before because of you. Of course all of it was good. I tried many foods with you, I explore many places with you, and I created more memories with you.

You make my life exciting and fun, like no one else could.

You are the best partner, and I want you to stay with me for a lifetime.

Thankful for you

Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for loving me more than I love myseld. Thank you for giving me too much, because for you there’s no too much for me. Thank you for staying and fighting for our love, for our relationship. Thank you for giving me more than I deserve.

In case everyone of you who are reading this is wondering, yes I am a part of the LGBTQ community, we are. My partner and I. And we are proud of it, we do not hide it anymore. And the most important thing for us, we are happy.

A little piece of advice

Do not judge. Stop judging. Let people be, do not act like as if you are perfect and does not make any mistake, even a single mistake in your life. We all deserved to be happy, so don’t take away that satisfaction away from other people.

I am raised by a strong woman.

This blog may be long, but I am hoping that you will read it until the end, because I will be sharing personal experiences and inspirational messages for you. So, here we go.

Women of strength are all around us. I know that a lot of moms out there will agree to this, all moms and future moms out there want their child or children to grow as a strong and independent person. Who doesn’t want that right?

We all know that our generation today is different. Why did I say that? It is because before, women are not allowed to talk, to mingle with men, to work, they are not allowed to go out and build their own profession, they cannot even run for politics, and many more. But, this day, everyone is equal, men and women are equal with the rights and what they can do. Women can actually do what men can do nowadays. We have our own voice now.

And I am one of the fortunate women who was raised as a strong and independent person by a strong woman too, and I call her Mama!

At an early age, I saw what life really is. It is not like what we read and watch on the television, life is not a fairytale. My eyes were opened at an early age. A lot of things happened that I witnessed. I saw my Mama being beaten up, I saw here struggling with even a single penny, I saw her cry every day and night, I saw her petite body and obvious eye bags, I saw her at her very vulnerable state, I saw her getting to the point of giving up, I saw her pain, and most importantly, I saw how much she tries to hide it all from us and act like she is okay.

Mama, I want you to know that I saw everything. I know everything. And I understand everything even at a young age.

You made me a stronger person.

With every pain that I saw, I also saw how stronger you are to get back up and move on with the day. For every struggle that comes in your way, I saw how you try to look for a solution and find a way to manage the finances. For every meal that you need to skip for your children. For every eye bags that you have because you are afraid of what could happen through the night when you go to sleep but still manage to wake up early the next day for us.

You are the reason why I am stronger today.
You are the reason why I can stand up on my own.
You are the reason why nobody can take advantage of me.
You are the reason why I am working hard for my goals.
You are the reason why I am here in this world.
You are the reason why I have my own voice and own decision.
You are the reason why I know not to let other people drag me down and became their puppet.
You are the reason why nobody can manipulate and fool me.
You made me strong.
You raised me strong.

Not everyone in this lifetime is lucky enough to be raised by a strong woman. Not everyone has the privilege of standing for what is right. I am lucky enough to witness how hard life and reality really is. You can all focus on school and your grades to help you go on with life, but nothing can teach about reality more than life itself. Books and grades are way different in real life. You can apply some of the things you learned, but you cannot change the fact that life is a constant change and nobody can teach it because nobody knows what life will bring us.

One day, may we all be stronger than we already are. May we know how to fight our own battles and stand alone in a battlefield, because life is not about avoiding the problems, it is more on collecting bruises and come out stronger. A lot of people don’t get what they want because they are afraid to say speak up. Remember, there is no limit to what we can accomplish, and you must stand for yourself today, for yourself, and for the future generation.

You may encounter many defeat, but you must not be defeated. You must not surrender, for in fact, every defeat is actually necessary for you to know what and how far you can still be in.

I needed a hero, I needed an inspiration, and I needed an example on how to be a strong person. And I got it from my Mama. I hope you find your own inspiration and I hope that you will be stronger than the obstacles that you are facing.

For Mama, You didn’t know that I am looking the whole time. I am watching. I am observing. And I understand everything. And that’s what made me a strong person.

I am what I am today because I am raised by a strong woman.

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Mental health is a part of your health

But let me ask you first, what is mental health?

Mental health is a condition, it is just a substitute call for depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and many more. And according to the World Health Organization, mental health is a state of well-being of an individual if they can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and are able to make a contribution to her or his community.

So rather asking what’s the problem? You might want to start with what’s going right?

So why is emotional and mental health important? Simple, because it’s a vital part of your life and impacts your thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Have you ever gone through a time when you think you are losing it all, including your mind because you think that everything is not falling into places? I have. And it is really pure dark, dark thoughts, dark mindset, dark places, and even when there is light it still feels dark. I cannot say that my experiences are much worse than others because I am aware that there are much worse than what I dealt with.

The mental health conditions that I had before was depression and anxiety. I was depressed because at that time I thought that everything and everyone is against me. I stopped going to school, financials are getting low, I do not have money to support my needs, my family is mad at me because they think I am the black sheep of the family and I will not become successful. All the anxiety came rushing upon me. I attempted suicide a lot of times, or maybe I cannot really do it and I am just enjoying the fact of hurting myself because it lessen the pain thag I am feeling inside and I cannot see my worth anymore or the reason to continue living.

I am full of anger, sadness, madness, and everything that you could think of that time because I don’t know why such cruel things happened to me and sometimes honestly speaking I blamed God for it. My mental health got me really bad that time, I cannot control what to feel and to say anymore. I hated everyone. But I hated myself even more.

Good thing I got the right people beside me, great friends who will listen and understand and will never judge you for what you have been through. And most importantly the right partner, and yes I am a part of LGBTQ Community but that’s for another blog.

I can say that my partner helped me a lot, I learned how to forgive my family and myself. Because I realized that forgiving others and most importantly yourself too gives you a brighter and lighter life. The heaviness inside was gone and I started seeing things differently, I started believing in second chances, to focus only to the positive, and to try again.

I suggest that if you are suffering from any mental health conditions do not forget to let it out, talk with the people you trust and listen to you wholeheartedly. Do not keep it to yourself because I know and I’ve been there, keeping it to yourself is too heavy and it really makes you go crazy. Don’t try to hide your conditions because there is nothing wrong with that, it is not your fault and none of it was your fault. Stop blaming yourself for what is happening around you, and believe in yourself that you are doing the best you can and you are enough.

Keep in mind that you are stronger than your thoughts.

Reconnect to people, your friends, your family, stop hiding anymore and fight for yourself. Just like what I have done. I know you have dreams and goals too but your mental conditions are holding you back, just like me, I fought for it. Don’t forget to reach out, you could send me a message through Twitter (@CMRiel) or Instagram (cmsr08) if you have difficulties and you want someone to talk to, or if you can relate with what I shared with you, or anything in particular.

Always remember, nobody wants to stay in the dark for the rest of their lives, and I am hoping that you too.

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Why should you eat desserts?

How often have you been made to feel guilty about indulging your sweet tooth for no apparent reason? We all know that nobody can resist desserts! But with all the health freaks and non-stop lectures on how to take desserts in moderation or just a small amount, it echo in our ears everytime we get spotted nibbling on our favorite sweets.

Frankly, we do not really need a reason to eat desserts. But we are kind to ourselves from time to time and treat ourselves ever so often, and we don’t need any reason for that. We just want to spoil ourselves because we think that we deserved it! It is about feeding our soul with indulges that make us feel heaven on earth. Let’s be honest, there is something fulfilling when eating desserts.

If you’re one of those healthy people or health conscious people who still crave chocolates, smores, and strawberry shortcakes, but always feeling guilty at the mere confession of the cravings, we’ve got some good news for you. You know, there is still a good side about eating sweets that you don’t have to feel guilty about!

Eating dessert does not mean you have little or no self-control about what you fill in your body. It only means that you have a good sense of what you want, what you deserve, what your body and mind needs, and that you have what it takes to honor these cravings. Sometimes, being little rebelious with the food that you eat is actually good for your body!

So here are a few reasons to let logic take a back seat and savor your dessert. After reading this, don’t hold back anymore with your pleasure:


We all are having a bad day, and when we are having a bad day and think that everything is against us and out of control. What are we really looking for to comfort ourselves? Chocolates, sweets, dessert, because for my personal opinion, I am actually looking for something sweet to comfort myself when I am down and having anxiety. It really helps, honestly speaking. It really puts me back in good mood. That’s what I am talking about. Nothing can give you more pleasure than eating your favorite dessert.

In the long run, you cannot deny anymore what a simple dessert can make you feel. Forget about the guilt, because it is a good thing to be guilty about. The idea is to derive pleasure from simple things like eating your favorite sweets. So do not hold back!


Whether you believe it or not and I suggest to you that you do your own research about this, eating or having desserts for breakfast can actually help you lose weight. From what I have read, researchers have claimed that eating desserts for breakfast can help a non-diabetic oversize people lower their weight. I mean, I did not say that just eat your desserts at breakfast time and you will lose weight. I am only saying that it can actually help, it can help you. According to my research, they conducted it to about 200 oversize adults and after a couple of months or so they noticed a change and lose of weight

Researchers concluded that this is because of the reduced cravings, which made the subjects less hungry throughout the day. So next time you want to lose weight and you started avoiding sweets, think it twice again!


Well, you cannot really eat an entire amount of sweets or desserts all by yourself, because if you can, that is when the problem comes in. For example, you cannot eat your birthday cake all by yourself right? For sure you share it with your family and friends. That makes sense right.

And that is my point, you do not need to eat everything to enjoy the flavor or the desserts itself. Just a few bites should prove to be enough to satisfy the strongest cravings.

To make sure you enjoy your cake or any desserts you are delighted to try but also want to stay healthy, make portion control a regular practice and watch your waistline stay in shape while you satiate your taste buds. In that way you do not need to hold back with your sweet-tooth anymore!


This is to everyone who likes it dark, and by dark, I mean dark chocolate. This is like a music in the ears for the dark chocolate lovers out there. Consuming a little bit of dark chocolate everyday can actually help reduce the risk of stroke in the long run.

According to a study and research that I made, it was found that the ones who ate some amount of dark chocolate regularly or on a daily basis were 17% less likely to suffer a stroke than those who didn’t. I told you not all sweets are bad and you should not feel guilty about consuming sweets. But, don’t you know that apart from lowering your risk of having a stroke, it can also reduces your blood pressure 

A bar of dark chocolate never seemed more appealing, did it? So the next time you are going to eat chocolate, you will have a better excuse now and it is for your health.


Admit it, eating desserts makes your day better and happy. You start having good mood, you start liking and talking to people, you share and care, and feel like everything is going to be alright like you already have it all. Who does not want that kind of life right? You only see and focus on the positive and ignore the negative because desserts give you an unexplainable feeling of pleasure and happiness.

You cannot deny it, desserts can turn your day upside down! Life is short to miss out the desserts out there and not everyone has the privilege of trying it out. So go out, go ahead, enjoy while you can! There is no reason to resist those ice creams, cakes, and parfaits. Go ahead, live a little, have some dessert!

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Why choose Whimsy Desserts by CM?

That is the big question right? Why would you choose Whimsy Desserts from all the dessert shops out there?

Not being biased or writing about it because I am the owner of Whimsy Desserts by CM. But, I will give you a breakdown of why you must choose Whimsy Desserts by CM.

  1. It offers homemade products, no preservatives, no extensions, and no other chemicals.
  2. It is affordable than the others with an established name.
  3. It is pure and honest with the ingredients. It does not use unnecessary ingredients just to double the outcome.
  4. It has its own style and gimmicks to catch the attention of the customers.
  5. It accepts requests and for any occasion with a reasonable price.
  6. They do not change the ingredients from the very beginning. 
  7. Whimsy supports the needs of the family and the owner since CM has illness.
  8. It maintains a good quality product.
  9. It supports all other local brands and small businesses.
  10. Whimsy Desserts by CM listens to what their customers want and need.

I know Whimsy is not yet a known dessert business, for now, but I understand the world of business, management, marketing, and the demand. I gathered all the suggestions and had a brain stroming with my family and friends to come up with a better solution or plan in providing a good quality product at a very affordable price. I did not study a business course for nothing and I am not fighting against my illnesses for nothing. But that is for another story. I will try to write what my illnesses are the next time I talk about myself.

The important thing now is that you know what or who you are choosing. Whimsy Desserts by CM does not offer much unlike the other shops, we don’t even have calling cards, billboards, magazines, etc. All that we can offer is our care and heart, I do things with love and care, we do not just exert our effort and labor. I want to give you the best of the best and make you want more. Because I understand you. I know what you are looking for in desserts, because I too am a fan of desserts or sweets.

I guess, I am not doing everything on my own if I don’t want to give to each and everyone of you my best and what I loved doing. This is my passion, to bake and to write. 

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